20 Minute Fathom Five & Flowerpot Island Tour

Islands, Lighthouse & Flowerpots!

$169 / person

Your 20 minute tour includes Fathom Five National Marine Park, Flowerpot Island, Cove Island Light & Echo Island.


This Tour starts at the Tobermory airport and heads along the west shoreline of Cove Island passing over shipwrecks and unique underwater scenery all the way to the northern coast.

We then will take a close up look at Cove Island lighthouse and make our way over to flowerpot Island while flying over Echo Island. Once to Flowerpot Island we will give you a Birds Eye View of everything the Island has to offer, as well as some sights you can only see from the air. 

We then Head back towards the airport while flying over downtown Tobermory.

We will be taking new bookings in May 2018! 

Weight Restrictions May Apply (600 total 3 persons).
2 Person Minimum Per Flight. 3 Person MAX.  
10% Discount If You Book 3 Seats!

20min fathom5