60 KM Fathom Five, Flowerpot Island & Grotto Tour

60 KM Tour - See it All! 

$249 / person 

Your 60 KM tour includes all of Fathom Five National Marine Park, Flowerpot Island, The Grotto, and Cove Island. 


This Tour starts at the Tobermory airport and heads to the Grotto at Cypress Lake, then heads up to Burnt Point where you will see some of the peninsula's most amazing cliffs and then out to Flowerpot Island and Bears Rump Island. 

 After flying around Bears Rump Island the park's most secluded island and its unique cliffs and caves we head back to Flowerpot for a second look of the flower pots and the light station and then off to Echo Island & Cove Island.

Where you see the Cove Island light  A colonial Light station we then turn west and head along to the western coast of Cove Island where you can view amazing underwater glacier carvings that created the inlets and bays of Fathom Five National Marine Park. 

We will be taking new bookings in May 2018! 

Weight Restrictions May Apply (600 total 3 persons).
2 Person Minimum Per Flight. 3 Person MAX.  
10% Discount If You Book 3 Seats!

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